HTML CSS Javascript Classes In Nagpur

  • HTML: A source through which structuring of your content takes place is HTML. It divides the content into a title, paragraphs, highlighting through bold or italic font, etc.
  • CSS: It stands for Cascading Style Sheet. It is responsible for making the web page looks beautiful. It tells the browser how each type of element should be displayed, which may vary for different media (like laptop screen or mobile).
  • JavaScript: JavaScript provides dynamic functions to your website/application. The main feature of this component is it gives dynamic interactivity to your web application.

Front End Development and Front- End Designing

Have you ever came across a question about the difference between these two words? If not, you will definitely face it when you will appear for an interview at Emipro. I will not describe it here but I am sure you will search it and will get prepared for facing such questions. Here in this topic, it is mentioned because one should know that if we say a Front End Designing which includes just the layout and the structure then only the HTML and CSS will be used. But as soon as Javascript is indulged in the process then it becomes Front end development which includes dynamic features also.

Why HTML, CSS, and JAVASCRIPT are important?

HTML, CSS, and JAVASCRIPT are three basics which are essential for any techy to make a website. They are at the core of the website regardless of its complexity. Even a non-technical person having these three skills can add a spark to their career in whatever field they are. And to our surprise, it is not that tough to get equipped with it. If we talk about HTML, as stated earlier it stands for HyperText Markup Language, which clarifies to an extent that it is not a programming language but it is a language that uses a tag to form content.

Whereas HTML was the basic structure of your website, CSS is what gives our entire website a unique style. Do you remember those beautiful colors, interesting fonts, and background images? All thanks to CSS. It beautifies the basic structure of the content prepared through HTML. CSS makes it possible to see the web page according to the screen, i.e. on a mobile screen, it will be fitted on the screen as per the size of the mobile phone.

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